All about Fractals

Chaos is considered to be without a pattern. That’s why its chaos. But is it really true?
Can we find a patern within chaos?

Nature has a lot of chaotic and complex structures. A mountain, a coastline, a leaf or even planetary bodies; these are are extremely chaotic to think about. Fractals help to find a pattern in this chaos. Nature doesn’t follow a fractal behaviour; however a fractal model best explains the structure of such a complex pattern. Fractal theory has found its application in every aspect of technology, be it Computer graphics, Communications, Modeling landscapes, as well as Finance.

First developed and used by Benoit Mandelbrot, he devoted his entire life on understanding the simplicity as well as complexity of Fractals.

This series is not to go into the mathematics of how fractals are modeled but at a more fundamental level - What are Fractals, and what kind of a power they possess?




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